All services include a free 30 minute phone consult. ALL SESSIONS ARE $400 AND ARE 4-5 HOURS. During our first session, we will tour your place, address your concerns and make a dream plan. The number of sessions needed varies widely and depends on household size, preferred client speed and willingness to do homework. Currently serving Los Angeles, and beyond.

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Take the plunge and reset your life. We will make space for the life of your dreams one category at a time.

$400 per session
5-15 sessions on average.

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⭑ Bring elements of the KonMari Method™ to your workplace or home office. We will put your things in order and create a space that is inspiring and productive.

$400 per session
1-3 sessions on average.

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⭑ Dip your toes in the tidying pool with a closet overhaul. You will hone your sense of joy and come away with only things that fit your current lifestyle.

$400 per session
1-3 sessions on average.

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⭑ Drowning in kid clutter? We will go through clothes, books, toys and gear to get things manageable. We can also include a session to train up your kids to fold their clothes.

$400 per session
1-3 sessions on average.

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pro Package

Looking to bring the KonMari Method™ to your office or do your employees work from home? Let's work together to create a cohesive and productive work environment for your crew.

Workshop and session rates available upon request.
Available for travel.